Lightweight Structure

Panoramic Studio Consultants provide the full range of numerical analysis services necessary for the design, fabrication and installation of architectural stressed membrane structures.

Our clients are typically consulting structural engineers during the initial design phase of a project, and membrane contractors for production of fabrication and installation information. As specialist sub-consultants we are used to integrating effectively with the broader design and construction team who may themselves be based in a variety of world-wide locations.

The particular tasks we undertake are:

  • Shape Finding
  • Determination of an appropriate form that satisfies aesthetic, engineering and functional requirements.
  • Load Analysis
  • Calculating component stresses and foundation loads under applied wind and snow loading.
  • Patterning
  • Production of membrane cutting patterns, cable lengths and steelwork component geometry.
  • Erection Analysis
  • Determination of component stresses and movements during the installation process.
  • All activities are subject to our Quality Management. This also covers the transfer and crosschecking of all contractual and technical information with our clients.