Lighting Design

Lighting at Panoramic Studio brings together art, science and technology. Our truly global team of designers create expressive, sustainable and award-winning concepts in light. We understand the interplay of structural form and lighting, and work with architects and artists to provide original conceptual designs. Our technical knowledge ensures that concepts become viable solutions. We also know how lighting affects people at work, at home, at school and at play. This equips us to shape solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment and for businesses. Panoramic Studio helps clients think about lighting strategically – whether their goal is to use the visual and emotional impact of light to strengthen brand experiences or to lower carbon emissions and save on energy bills. We bring excellence to the design of the most challenging lighting schemes, where lighting quality is critical so that the broadcast media doesn't miss a trick.

Designing with daylight

Natural light can enhance architecture, improve the way people feel and reduce our reliance on electricity. Panoramic Studio is an acknowledged leader in day lighting – our team brings together the best in creative and scientific thinking. Our analysis of the affects of natural light is precise, while our design ability sees us working closely with renowned architects. In museums and galleries, our skill in using daylight theatrically comes to the fore.

Façades that engage

The interaction of light with a building's skin influences both interior environment and outward expression. We work closely with building physicists and façade engineers to understand and control interior lighting and solar heat-gain in the daytime. At night, when light defines a building's signature, we use lighting designs and media façades to stunning effect. Our approach encases corporate identity and brand image in clean and neatly finished detail, thoroughly customized for each client.

Light that works in context

Lighting guides us, and directs our attention. It makes our cities vibrant and our streets safer. On the other hand, too much of the wrong kind of light becomes unwanted 'light pollution' and inflates our energy use. Panoramic Studio brings thoughtful approaches to lighting into master plans to create places that work better for people. We think of lighting in its functional and cultural roles in urban renewal plans. We also consider how lighting defines a new place.